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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 7, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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the only thing holding things up is the 40s. we have to keep an eye on the system and it looks like things are good to go, temperatures are warmer today, it will be breezy but warmer at times. i do believe the man is back. hello sal. you know the high wind advisory is an affect on several bay area bridges. we notice it let up on the bridge and strong wind is being reported on the dumbarton and venetia bridges so use caution. >> highway 24, that traffic is moving a long well, traffic looks good but you can see our camera, there is a little bit of road work on 880 southbound, a couple of lanes are closed traffic is light but you should
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be aware it is there. topping our news, police in sunny veil found the bodies of two people inside a home right now highway 85 last night. tara moriarty joins us from sunny veil. >> well, police are trying to figure out if this was a case of murder/suicide or what. last night around 7:30 they discovered to bodies just off of highway 85. investigators have not identified them. investigaters are unclear if they knew each other but we knew a couple in their 50s and a teenage son live at that home. officials had not been there from earlier in the night and again two people are dead and we will find out from police
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what they learned in their investigation. this morning concord police are looking for a man responsible for a violent take over robbery. it happened on monument boulevard. an armed man by the a cashier and robbed several customers before running off with an undisclosed amount of cash. it is not clear on how bad the cashier was beaten but at this point they don't have any leads. the race goes on, mitt romney won six of the seven super tuesday states. this is there in orange, vermont, virginia idaho an alaska. rick santorum won three states
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colored red, tennessee, newt gingrich won his home state, rand paul failed to pick up a state. mitt romney has 416 delegates, newt gingrich 105 and rand paul. >> we are counting down the days and it looks even better. >> we went up against enormous odds. who knows where we were out spend but in every state. >> romney bets him want his home state and the state they picked up had the most delegates. >> i am the authorities. >> if you look at the candidates today, there is very
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dips except for one. >> ran fall still shows no signs of dropping out. mitt romney was not the only gop candidate to win in ohio, coming up, man who made a name for himself a is now running for a congressional sight. seating an unbiased jury for sheriff ross mirkarimi is proving to be a very difficult tacks. another 150 jurors are scheduled it to be a -- they are trying to find an impartial jury that elected sheriff ross mirkarimi just four months ago.
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>> it suggests the report yours yours -- your records have knowledge about the case. >> now they are trying to move the case however moving a trial in a misdemeanor case is extremely rare. a man riding his bike is hit, it happened ated intersection of market and montgomery traits one of his wheels got caught on the muni track. the man was pulled up the bus and ran over and he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. a man who injured a boy, ryan white was hit by a pickup
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truck after a game. we learned the man accused of the hit-and-run crash will plead duty as part of a year since last august. they will decide whether or not to approve a veil tax but it will not come in time to tear jobs that were employed yesterday. they will be out of a john with their will be 20 police officers. >> the fact that we have less officers on the street and we can't be as proactive preventing crime. >> hercules faces a short fall says the rock are he is press
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it da a tax measure approved a vote.$♪ if approved the pension reform would increase retirement contributions and reform disability retirements to prevent abuses. the city would be able to suspend retiree living adjustments and fiscal emergencies. it is a new project, everyone expects to have the next then racing i-pad. somatic reporters are you saying it will have a much higher resolution dispay and every between so you can to would already want one. >> the price for older i pads
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are dropping. on craigslist, you can get an old i-pad for as little all $120. they just approved an order far to accommodate bicyclist. they will be a out allowed to track the bike into the building, the vote are making a final move next week. sal, welcome back, nice to see you. >> thank you very much. the it is nice to be back except for that wind, sop vehicle are up, let's go outside and take a look at the east shore freeway heading out to the mcarthur maze with no
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make problem. again the wind signs are up on the bridge and this morning's drive looks good getting up to highway 17 right down through san jose. at 447, that win kicked up the system right there and that it flew by and continued the most of thing. the morning is cold and breezy and if it was not for the breeze it would be each colder. we'll see more breeze as the winds turn more easterly. ought to the big valley stockton is out there. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. one system is moving to the east and pressure readings will
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relax so the wind will reaction. cool are by the weekenddge sunny and higher elevations we could get some pretty good gusts santa rosa will be 66, half-moon bay 54, livermore 53, cold tomorrow morning and warmer temperatures into friday, clouds and cooler weather on sunday, pam. well three days over relentless rain is causing huge problems on hawaii. it is sending waste water into the ocean. the rain also caused one land slight under a home and 50
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people are now staying for shelter declarations. a south area community in shock after a gruesome crime on a 13-year-old, why the little league fields is the center of investigation. highway 4 looks good as you drive over to concord, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. the high winds are not just a big problem in stockton they took down a massive oak tree, a pickup truck was damaged. they took out a power pole and luckily there were no injuries. they are trying identify a woman who was floating in the bay along fisherman's wharf. it is still unclear how she died but there is still no sign obvious foul play.
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sheriffs are investigating the body of a -- the murder of a young girl. she was found in a baseball field near her school. they say she suffered trauma. jessica was last seen friday evening. >> she didn't deserve it, she was too young. >> why would anyone do that, why is there sick people out there like that and i hope that man or woman or whoever did that gets caught. >> little league teams use that field until 7:00 monday night. police are investigating the possibility that her body was moved to the dugout yesterday morning. eight women are suing the u.s. military saying they were raped and assaulted during their time in the military.
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>> there is no circumstance where women are brave enough to stand up and defend this nation should have to be subjected to being called who are, shut walking mattress... >> past present military leaders including leon panetta, the secretary defense cannot comment on pending lawsuits but the military has zero tolerant for sexual assault. massachusetts radio station is the second station to cancel his show and at least 29 companies are pulling their ads. this comes after limbaugh called sandra a shut for supporting healthcare coverage. mr. rush limbaugh has issued two apologies for the comment. he was briefly in the
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political spotlight. he has taken a bigger step closer and want well wall was named joe the plumber the it will let dough area couldn't -- the toledo area of couldn't greg's is expecting to hold that -- congressional department is holding that spot. president shimon peres focused on iran. >> they are a corrupt phenomena in our time. >> president shimon peres spoke before a crowd of 2000 at emanuel. he expressed concern and he also said israel appreciates the alliance with the united
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states. >> outside temple emanuel, there were dueling demonstrations. earlier president shimon peres visited facebook headquarters. they have agreed to resume talks with iran over the nuclear bombs. sanctions are starting to take affect inside iran and he urged patients. >> this notion that we have a choice to make in the week or month or two months is not born out by the facts : >> iran has allowed us to visit chris has to be a nuclear weapons program. they will have to set aside a
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million dollars a year. this is according to a nonpart stand analyst. he looked at the propose train of the proposed bullet. he wants to use 2. $7 billion in bond money. interest has approved since voters approved the bullet train. san diego man is under arrest after a bizarre accident that led to the death of his girlfriend. he fired a homemade canon ball into his trailer. the blast ended up killing his 38-year-old girlfriend. fox was intoxicated and the three-year-old daughter and other adults were in that home but they were not hurt. a man accused of stomping a
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yorkshire terrier to death after trying to protect his owner from being attacked. they attacked the dog's owner because they thought he was a member of arrival gang. it was the pepper spraying incident scene around the world. last knee john pike occupied protesters. an incident temporarily blocked its release and in ten days they are considering releasing all or just some of that report. for the second time in two days an occupied protesters has been arrested for the state capital.
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they will be there but after being released, police say she returned to the capital again yesterday afternoon. she was sneaking into sleeping bags and pillows. time now 450s, it prompted a response for a bomb squad. and it's the end of an era. it is about his future with the colts.
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. away area man is being blamed for a scare.
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a bomb squad was called in after somebody saw a suspicious object in a tree. it was a piece of paper with a spiritual message. a man placed it there for a team that was down south for a cheerleading competition. they are not happy about plans to build a shopping center. the mostly undeveloped land is owned by safe way. neighbors are not allowing them to participate in the development plan. wal-mart creek said it will take two years to develop it and the public is invited into meetings. they are designed to save the city's basketball arena. it will be downtown sacramento
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and it will be the new home of the sacramento kings but they were considering to move to anaheim. they will now break open in time for the season. payton manning, the colts have scheduled a news conference. the team is expected to announce they are parting ways with payton manning. his 14 year career with the colts includes mvps where releasing manning would clear the way for andrew luck next month. time right now, sal 1:00 is -- >> 1:00 is where it will officially hit its wafer and he will be a free wafer.
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>> he was going to give him 28 million just for being on the roster. >> there you go, they don't want to pay it. it is windy on the bay area bridges, although it is nothing you have not been used to but it is going to be tougher than this afternoon. it is shaky on the cameras for a windy reason. traffic is moving well up and down through the airport area bucks let's go to steve. >> sal, i guess you can say payton is out of luck. >> yes, he is. we have a clear water, it is wall to wall coverage you can see the cameras bouncing
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around. it is a coal morning and it will be decreasing and it is already showing signs of decreasing turning northerly out to the valley. win is decreasing air a mass is harley dry. 30s and 40s for others, that moves east things calm down, this system will run into the wall of high pressure. morning cold and windy, clear skies by the afternoon, looks good, temperatures will be warming up. here a cold morning, 50s, upper
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60s midst land even over to santa cruz. it will be warmer during the day friday sunday we start to get clouds and cooler weather for you pam. >> oh, boy thank you steve. we are coming up on 5:00, a market robbed at gunpoint for the second time in three weeks, how customers were robbed in a quiet sunny veil robbery overnight.
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